Theta Awarded State Legislative Research and Development Contract with NHTSA

Baltimore, MD., September 28, 2018 – Theta is proud to support the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with State Legislative Research and Development services.

NHTSA publishes several State traffic safety law digests each year that provides the most comprehensive reports on State traffic laws, including any changes or modifications to the legislation, specific penalties, exemptions to statutes, or other provisions that could mitigate the impact of the legislation. These reports provide State officials and safety advocates important information on which laws have the most significant effect in reducing traffic crashes, and it helps to measure the overall traffic safety performance of States.

Theta will be providing NHTSA with data collection support to provide legislative resource reports and summary charts to NHTSA that will provide accurate information about State laws on traffic safety. These reports will include producing four traffic law digests on topics as well as summary charts of State traffic safety laws on emerging issues.

About Theta:

In geometry, an angle is formed by two rays that do not lie straight with respect to each other and share a common endpoint, which is known as Theta. Our company Theta was formed by our founders with a civic mission to provide diverse and innovative solutions that intersect with our clients’ business goals. Theta thrives at that intersection by harnessing the different perspectives and voices of the people Theta employs as an asset to solve our client’s unique problems; Theta is continually pushing its vision to challenge the “status quo” of tech and Government and how they help people. By including the minds and voices of people of color, people from under-served communities, women, and a slew of various people from all walks of life to the table, Theta curates diverse ideas and perspectives to solve public issues with approaches that are uniquely different from the same “traditional” idea’s other government contractors firms provide.

This civic mission has enabled Theta to share our expertise in creating robust, scalable, and intuitive solutions with multiple clients over the last 5 (five) years. Theta …at the intersection of business and technology; meet us there, let’s work together!

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