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But seriously, our technologists have worked on everything from public-facing web applications to API-first back-end systems and web services with interoperability & functionality in mind. We’ve done massive cloud migrations, and we’ve built scalable private clouds and almost everything else in between. But nearly all of our services tend to fall into one of the below three categories:

Digital Integration

We don’t believe digital integration is primarily about technology or system integration. Instead, for us, digital integration involves making intersectional changes to business models, core business operations, systems, culture, and technical competencies to better aligning our client’s visions, goals, or products to “tech econo.

Product Development

We think outside of the box using our equity engineering approach to product development and digital services while also following a “build it to change, not to last” mindset because users, just like technology, can change.

Management Consulting

We believe in changing the way your business, agency, or enterprise thinks and behaves long-term to combat the threat of digital disruption. Luckily our “tech econo” approach helps projects and the organizations behind those projects work in lean and agile ways so that you can catalyze innovation, improve time-to-market, boost quality, raise employee morale, and become a genuinely adaptive organization.

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We are an SBA-Certified HUBZone digital & management firm based in Baltimore, MD, working to create a world where tech works for everybody.

At our firm,  we “tech econo.” When we say we “tech econo,” it means that we are applying our equity engineering approach to help us wholly understand our customers and the needs of their users to provide meaningful yet straightforward digital solutions. It means we don’t believe in selling excessive digital footprints if there isn’t a need for one. The phrase also embodies our ‘unix philosophy-esque‘ approach to solving customer problems. But before we go too deep into our philosophies, learn more about our origins first.

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We are proud to be still working with many of the same people that hired us in our early days.