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Software Development

Theta delivers powerful and scalable solutions using the RIGHT back-end technologies, programming languages, and open-source frameworks with our “build to change, not to last” approach to software development.

Digital Infrastructure & Cloud Engineering

Theta’s Digital Infrastructure & Cloud Engineering approach allows us to focus on: Intelligent Automation, Configuration Management, CI/CD Pipeline Development, and multiple other Cloud Services with an emphasis on security, availability, modularity, and performance.

Data Collection & Warehousing

Theta is able to provide clients with data analytics, data aggregation, data warehousing, and data visualization solutions to allow organizations to make more informed decisions by making complex data easy to understand.

Research & Development

For Theta, R&D allows us to undertake innovative activities in developing new services or products or improving existing services or products. Through our R&D services, Theta looks to use technology in a meaningful way to allow people and organizations to solve traditional problems through innovation and creativity.

Theta creates cloud-friendly robust, yet scalable solutions

At Theta we believe in the pragmatic application of conventional wisdom. We’re not zealots about coding methodologies, but we have learned first-hand that some time-tested practices do actually help teams work better.

Evaluating your needs, Theta can develop scalable and accessible software solutions that will cater to all your current requirements; But at Theta we pride ourselves in our “build to change, not to last” mantra, we try to help our clients think as far ahead with how we develop solutions.

Our Partnerships

Theta is proud to exude the passion for small business growth and innovation that our partnerships afford us.


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