Tips for Self-Care & Your Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we are processing the ongoing lifestyle changes necessary to keep the world healthy in relation to COVID-19, there is an increased need for self-care and well-being practices to help us keep our wellness top of mind throughout it all. Many are sharing tips on how to keep yourself from getting sick at this time. Still, few are discussing the impact on mental and emotional well-being. The following tips are provided to assist you in focus on your mental and emotional wellness during this difficult time.

Limit engagement with sensationalized news reports. Utilize the CDC and WHO as information resources and follow news reports that are from reliable resources. Refrain from overwhelming information from social media sources and fact check information before sharing with others.

Practice social distancing and consider your well-being. Create a social distancing plan and include plans for engaging with friends, family, and loved ones in a meaningful way, even from a distance. Facetime friends engage with your family by playing games or watching movies or series together and make the best out of the social distancing time while also trying to avoiding feeling isolated.

You can still workout. Many gyms and yoga studios are offering free virtual workouts and classes on their apps and websites. Planet Fitness, Crossfit, and the DownDog App are some examples of free offers for this purpose. Be sure to keep yourself moving even if you can’t make it to the gym or studio at this time.

Take some time for your emotional well-being. Develop a gratitude log or journaling practice to increase your psychological well-being at this time. This is a great time to start documenting at least one thing to be grateful for daily and/or to journal how you are feeling through this time. If traditional journaling is not your thing, the Calm App offers a daily mood check-in and virtual journal/log as well. In addition to the daily check-in capability, Calm, as well as the Insight Timer App offers free guided mediations that can assist with anxiety, difficulties sleeping, and more.

While working from home more, take time for yourself.  Be sure to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your work. Create and keep a daily routine just as you would if you had to go into the office. Get out of bed, get dressed, and go to your identified work area during working hours. Take brief breaks to stand, stretch, and move around throughout your day. Eat meals away from your computer and workstation if possible. Keep your work area in your work area and your living area in your living area when possible. Also, don’t allow your work to linger through the day, find a time to log off and end your inwork day. 

Utilize your tribe. Identify people who you can talk with about your feelings related to what is going on in the world. Avoid conversations with people who generally can’t relate to your perspectives. Make a list of people that it feels good to talk to and who can be understanding.